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Al Mawarid Real Estate is one of the top-most respected real estate developers in Sharjah offering holistic real estate services to individual and institutional clients. We are a company that provides top-notch environmentally friendly and efficient services to our clients. Because of our enthusiasm and commitment to offering the best services, we have established enduring relationships with our clients.

We are a new wave of dedicated real estate professionals who create cutting-edge plans to produce observable results by adopting fact-based assessments and putting best practices into effect. Our objective is to be the finest choice when it comes to the real estate sector. Our goal is to lead Sharjah’s real estate market by providing the general residents with efficient and exceptional real estate services.

The strength of Al Mawarid Real Estate, the top real estate developers in Sharjah, lies in its capacity to consistently develop novel solutions and to work in partnership with clients as a trusted advisor and reliable executor of profit-generating strategies.

Absolute client happiness has been the key to Al Mawarid Real Estate’s success from its inception, and the company is constantly working to raise the benchmark for customer service.

Are you looking a flat for rent in Sharjah? Now it’s not that complicated. Al Mawarid Real Estate & Investment can provide you with the best options. Lead a luxurious life with us. We are happy to serve you!


How do I lease a property from Al Mawarid?

To lease a property of Al Mawarid, visit our website https://www.almawaridrealestate.ae/ or call us on 06 556 6000 or write to us at info@almawariduae.com. You can also visit the customer service center in Sharjah for an update on available properties.

Can I sublet properties I lease from Al Mawarid?

No, it is strictly mentioned in the agreement not to sublet the property.

Whom do I contact for security deposit refunds?

For the security deposit refunds, you can call 065566000 or directly walk to our office in Al Durrah Tower.

What are tenants’ rights?

Does Al Mawarid Real Estate and Investment also sell properties?

No Al Mawarid Real Estate and Management doesn’t sell properties.

What type of units do Al Mawarid Real Estate and Investments manage?

Al Mawarid Real Estate and Investment manages a wide array of residential and commercial units in Sharjah.

What documents do I need to lease a property?

In order to lease residential property, you need a passport copy (original for verification), an Emirates ID copy, and a Valid UAE Residence Visa for expatriates. At the time of leasing, you need to give up to 4 rental cheques and a security deposit based on the units you select. For Commercial Units or shops, you need a Company Profile, Passport copy of the owner and the partners (original for verification), UAE Residence Visa for expatriates, Trade license, Power of attorney if applicable, Company stamp, up to 4 rental cheques, and security deposit.

What is the process of terminating a lease?

For terminating a lease, you need to give a notice of at least 15 days prior to expiry.

Can I pay rent with a credit card?

No, tenants can pay rent only through cash or cheque.

What type of units do Al Mawarid Real Estate and Investments manage?

Al Mawarid Real Estate and Investment manages a wide array of residential and commercial units in Sharjah.

Can I view an available property before renting?

Yes, you can check our website’s property section for the property info and pictures. To physically visit the site, call 065566000.

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